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graphic Design Courses

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Graphic Design
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Assured Placement Assistance For A High Salary Job

graphic Design Courses

Free Classes Are Back!

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graphic Design Courses
graphic Design Courses
graphic Design Courses
graphic Design Courses

Short Term Course

Graphic Design

The extensive course will teach you concepts of graphics and layout. Our experienced teachers will provide hands-on training to you in order to get immense practical knowledge. The highly-rated job-oriented course will help you build a successful career in the booming digital space. The demand for graphic designers is only going to grow in future, unlike many other jobs which may become ancient history due to automation (Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning etc).

Certificate course

Course Syllabus

Fast Track Course

Graphic Design

This industry-oriented course will teach you the concepts of graphic design. It will teach you to work on softwares which will enable you to get a high-paying, creative job with the top companies round the country. Be it the media and publishing industry or a a large retail company, all companies are on the lookout for skilled graphic designers.

Certificate course

Course Syllabus

Long Term Course

Graphics, Web Design & Development (GWDD)

Rated as the number one graphic designing course in India, this comprehensive programme uses industry-endorsed techniques to make you an in-demand new media creative professional with skills in rich multimedia content, visually appealing websites, logos for advertisement, concepts of digital graphics, image editing for print and publishing, UI/UX, SEO, and content management. In this course, you learn not only the concept of graphic designing, but also receive extensive knowledge and training in web designing — which is another lucrative career in the growing digital space.

Best Certificate Course In Industry

Course Syllabus

Term 1

Graphics & Web Design

  • — Concepts Of Graphics & Illustrations
  • — Web Designing Concepts
  • — UI/UX For Responsive Design
  • — Typography Design
  • — Illustrations For Web
  • — Artwork Creation
  • — Layout Design
  • — Web Animation Using Animate CC
  • — Web Design Portfolio

Term 2

Web Design & Development

  • — Concepts Of Programming
  • — Build Next-Generation Websites
  • — Web Development Using Angular Js
  • — Bootstrap
  • — Design & Development Using Programming Language
  • — Content Management System
  • — Search Engine Optimisation
  • — Web Adwords
  • — Web Analytics
  • — Web Design & Development Portfolio

Why Choose Arena Graphic Design

100% Job Placement Assistance

  • Creosouls : Arena Animation's very own job portal.
  • On Campus Placement & Regular Job Fairs
  • Constant Interaction with Recruiters

Great Career

  • Salary Starts From Rs. 1.8 Lakh Annually
  • India Needs 109 Million Designers by 2020* Alone
  • Designers Are Required In Every Sector

Affordable Course

  • Best Fees Structures Compared To Competitors
  • Great Return On Investment Compared To Engineering/MBA
  • Course Starts From Rs. 10,000 Only

Easy To

  • Under Graduates/Post Graduates Welcome
  • Eligibility : Class X Pass & Loan Facility Available
  • No need of any prior computer education.

Earn While
You Learn

  • Our Teachers Announce Freelance Opportunities
  • Get Internships During Your Course
  • We Connect You With Recruiters

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Why Choose Arena

Access to Creosouls

Creosouls is an online platform that helps you show your work to potential recruiters. In most cases, you get hands-on training from them, and a potential job offer.

Access to Onlinevarsity

This is an exclusive platform for e-learning, which means you can catch up on the classes you have missed.

Certified Faculty

Arena teachers are widely-known to be the best in the web design industry

Job-Centric Curriculum

Arena’s syllabus ensures that it teaches relevant softwares and tools that will help students get a lucrative job.

100% Job Placement Assistance

Guaranteed job interviews and regular industry workshops/seminars ensure that no student is left disappointed by the end of the course.

Your Career Opportunities

Flash Designer

Flash is becoming popular with each passing day. More and more companies are looking for a graphic designer who knows Flash because s/he would be able to create cutting-edge Animated websites.

Multimedia Artist

These days, most companies are creating endless online video to build their brand, which is great news for graphic designers who know how to work on Flash.

Front-End Web Designer

Companies round the world people to help them with their website or mobile app. Usually in the front-end of the website, where the design part is very important, a graphic designer’s role is to make the website/mobile look pretty and easy to use.

Logo Developer

Designers who specialize in making logos are in a lot of demand these days, and are known to especially talented. Salaries for logo developers are in the higher range too because they help establish the personality of a company

Brand Identity Designer

All companies are building their brand identity to strengthen their recall value among customers. This is why they need graphic designers to build a visual identity on their company collaterals, such as stationary, media advertising, business cards etc

E-Mail Marketing Designer

E-mail marketing is on the rise, and companies need good graphic designers to attract potential customers

Layout Artist

Graphic designers are needed to enhance the visual appeal of flyers, brochures and posters. Even the stylish magazines that you read need the help of graphic designers. The science of ‘laying out’ a page (the look of a page) is very important. Professional graphic designers know how to raise the aesthetic appeal of every single page

Art Director

Although this is a relatively senior role, an art director’s job ensures that every single creative communication (flyers, brochures, TV ads etc) of a company passes through him/her. In short, every major artwork passes through the art director

Mobile Designer

Mobile designers ensure that the apps are visually appealing and engaging for users. Due to booming digital age, the demand for mobile designers are unlikely to go down in future

Package Designer

Did you know that great packaging can lead to higher sales? No matter how rational a buyer is, good packaging can always tempt customers. This is where graphic designers come in. Look at each product you have in the house and you know its container has been carefully created by a package designer

Some of The Leading Media & Entertainment Companies Recruit Our Students Every Year!

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Q) Why should I do a certificate course?

Certificate programs are recognized by all the top companies around the world. Arena’s certificate courses, for example, is often viewed as the best in the Indian job market.

Q) How experienced are the teachers at Arena?

The faculty at Arena Noida has a combined experience of more than 30 years! Not only are they experienced, they are known to be reputed teachers. Even better, they are known to be very polite, patient ad friendly with their students.

Q) What is the fees structure? What if I can’t pay the fees?

Please speak to the counsellor at Arena Noida to know the fees for fast-track, short-term and long-term courses. Additionally, Arena offers scholarships and loan facility too. You may click on the WhatsApp button to get a detailed information about Arena course fees, scholarships and loan options.

Q) Can I work while studying this course?

Teachers at Arena are well connected with the design industry. They announce freelance opportunities in their class and give their students an opportunity to earn while they learn.

Q) Will Arena help me get a job after passing out?

Arena is known to give 100% job placement assistance to its students. Regular industry work-shops and seminars are held for students to interact with potential recruiters. Students are also prepared for job interviews by holding special classes for free. Plus, Arena has a very strong campus placement, which means recruiters come to the campus to hire students. So yes, Arena will do everything it can to get you your dream job.

Q) I have not studied Arts or Computers before this. Am I eligible?

Yes. At Arena, the students are taught the basics of designing such as sketching. Moreover, the teachers at Arena Noida are known to be friendly and patient while teaching the basics.

Q) I am not fluent in English. Will I understand what’s being taught in class?

Yes. You don’t have to be fluent in English to understand what’s being taught. Plus, the teachers are comfortable teaching in Hind too, if you request them to do so.

Q) Will I find it tough to find a job because I am not fluent in English?

Unfortunately, it can be tough if you can’t speak English these days. But Arena holds classes for their students to learn English and prepare for their interviews.

Q) I am not from Noida. Where will I stay?

Arena helps all its students to get a place to live in Noida.